Sunday, 20 May 2018

My 15 Instagram Posts on Street Art in Lisbon

There's a power and and a creativity on Street Art that conquered my heart from the first moment. Maybe is the scale, perhaps the fact that art on the street is literally for everyone, surely is all the dynamic of the street art scene that is so exciting and inspiring.

Lisbon is a spectacular place to find amazing examples of street art, and whenever I pass by some of this murals and I have the chance, you can be sure that I'll snap a shot. Some times they end up on Instagram, and today I'm bringing you 15 works of different artists that you can find scattered all over town.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Escher Lisboa (Exhibition)

You've probably heard about Escher and are familiar with many of its works (it have been used in book and record covers, just to mention how widespread its work has been). In my case, I'm passionate for his work for many years, so I could not miss the opportunity to  visit the exhibition on the work of this genius of surrealism that is currently in Lisbon.

At Escher Lisboa, you can enjoy a group of selected works, including many of its masterpieces, that allow you to know the trajectory of this fenomenal artist. Mauritz Cornelis Escher (1898 - 1972), was born in The Netherlands in the final years of the 19th century, and its multifaceted work left enduring marks in the western culture for decades, looking today as alluring as did when it was created.

Provavelmente já ouviu falar sobre Escher e está familiarizado com muitos de seus trabalhos que têm vindo a inspirar designers, sendo até usados em capas de livros e de discos, só para mencionar o quão difundido tem sido seu trabalho. No meu caso, sou apaixonada pelo seu trabalho há muitos anos, por isso não podia perder a oportunidade de visitar a exposição sobre a obra desse gênio do surrealismo que está atualmente em Lisboa.

Na exposição Escher, pode desfrutar de um conjunto de obras selecionadas, incluindo muitas das suas obras-primas, que lhe permitirão conhecer a trajetória deste artista fenomenal. Mauritz Cornelis Escher (1898 - 1972), nasceu na Holanda no final do século XIX, e o seu trabalho multifacetado deixou marcas duradouras na cultura ocidental por décadas, parecendo hoje tão atraente quanto quando foi criado.

The exhibition, is housed in the Museu de Arte Popular, in Belém, and in addition to the 200 works in display, includes scientific experiments, play areas, educational resources and interactive experiences that help the visitors to understand the impossible perspectives and irreconcilable universes that pervade throughout the artist's work. All this dimensions make the exhibition interesting to public of all ages, becoming a friendly place to take your kids to.

Combine a visit to the exhibition with a stroll along the river or a visit to another of the many attractions in Belém, and, if you're a foodie, don't forget to finish with a Pastel de Belém. I didn't!

A exposi√ß√£o est√° instalada no Museu de Arte Popular, em Bel√©m e, al√©m das 200 obras expostas, inclui experi√™ncias cient√≠ficas, √°reas l√ļdicas, recursos educativos e experi√™ncias interactivas que ajudam os visitantes a compreender as perspectivas imposs√≠veis e os universos irreconcili√°veis que permeiam todo o trabalho do artista. Todas essas dimens√Ķes tornam a exposi√ß√£o interessante para o p√ļblico de todas as idades, tornando-se um local estimulante para levar seus filhos.

Combine a visita com uma caminhada ao longo do rio ou com uma visita a outra atracção nesta parte da cidade. Belém está cheio de museus e locais interessantíssimos para conhecer. E, é claro, se gostar de algo doce, não pode perder a oportunidade de comer um Pastel de Belém. Eu não dispensei!

Escher Lisboa (until September 2018)
Museu de Arte Popular
Avenida de Brasília

Opening Times
Every day 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Tickets (include Audioguide)
Adults: 11€ | Children (5 - 10): 4€, (11 - 18): 9€ | Students and Senior Citizens: 9€

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Chronicles From Andalusia | Córdoba's Patios

Last Summer we have been to Córdoba for a few days and among the many things that impressed us and captured our hearts in this wonderful city, the Patios were among the first. I could only imagine how it would look with all the plants in full bloom and promised to myself to return to Córdoba some day in Spring. In May, when the Patios are at they prime, Córdoba celebrates the Patios Festival, a true feat of color and beauty. I didn't make it this year, but I'm sharing it with you. Who knows, maybe we'll meet in Córdoba next year...

Many of the lovely patios, like the one in the photos above, are in private homes and the owners kindly let you in to visit their beautiful patios. There are tours available that take to some of these p√°tios. Some other patios are scattered trough the city, like the one bellow, that you can find at the Zoco Municipal de la Artesan√≠a. The top photo in this article was taken at Palacio de Viana, where you can find nothing less than 12 patios. But be sure to get there on time (I didn't!). You can also visit the Centro de Interpretaci√≥n de la Fiesta de los Patios Trueque Cuatro, an emblematic Patio House where you can experience this amazing tradition.

Although I didn't visit Córdoba this Spring, I'll be able to share some gorgeous photos with you from this year's edition of the Patios Festival, kindly authorized by Córdoba 24. Please check their site as they have all the information you can need to prepare your visit to Córdoba.

Some Useful Adresses:

DePatios (Tours)
C/San Basilio, 14
14004 Córdoba

Zoco Municipal de la Artesanía
Calle Judíos, s/n, 14004 Córdoba

Pal√°cio de Viana
Plaza de don Gome, 2 14001 Córdoba

Centro de Interpretación de la Fiesta de los Patios Trueque Cuatro
Calle Trueque, 4 Córdoba

Saturday, 28 April 2018

Lisbon Chronicles | Graça

On top of the tallest of the seven hill of Lisbon, lies the Graça neighborhood, one of the most beautiful historical quarters of the city and mainly known for its viewpoints, from which one can enjoy some breathtaking views of the city.

 Close to the castle is populated since the foundation of the nation, but it was after the great earthquake of 1755 that its population grew in a more visible way. Walking around on the steep streets and bright squares, allows you to feel the life of a characteristic Lisbon neighborhood, with people going about with their lives. Not to miss are the 2 main viewpoints: Miradouro Sophia de Mello Andersen (usually dubbed Miradouro da Gra√ßa) and Miradouro da Senhora do Monte. The first in front of the Gra√ßa Church and the second by a Chapel with the same name. Also to be visited is Igreja da Gra√ßa, the church on Largo da Gra√ßa.

The church and convent of Graça were founded in the 13th century, rebuilt in the 16th century and, then, restored after the earthquake. Is from that time the baroque style that you can find, although the previous Manueline style is still present on the baptistery and in the chapel.

The light inside the church is admirable, creating a luminous atmosphere not often usual in the Portuguese temples, often more somber.

The viewpoint in front of the church is quite charming, with the large pine trees casting its shadow over the terrace where you can have a drink or a light meal. The 180¬ļ view is unmissable and one of the best spots to photograph the city and the river, and, of course, the castle.

Walk some more on your way to Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, enjoying the details of this part of the city. Statues, buildings, tiles and street art wait for you in every step of the way. Keep your camera in hand and you'll have much to do.

The viewpoint by Senhora do Monte chapel is one of my favorites! The small chapel, the luxurious pine trees, the outstanding view of the city, the light and the sense of being in a secluded place, make it really special.

And you ask, "how do we get there?". If you're feeling fit you can obviously walk (up, really steep streets), or you can take Tram 28, and then walk back down (its a good idea!). There are also lots of Tuk Tuk's more than willing to take you there, some with drivers that can tell much about the history of this gorgeous neighborhood.

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