Monday, 20 November 2017

Chronicles from Algarve | My 5 Top Things to do in Olhão

The Algarve is one of the most visited regions of Portugal and preferred both by Portuguese and foreign visitors for a relaxed vacation by the sea. Worm and sunny weather, great food and friendly people, all contribute to a pleasant stay.

I've been there this weekend and all that is true, even in the middle of November. I've visited Olhão, a small town really close to Faro, and loved it. For my Portuguese readers, its a perfect place for a weekend stay and for anyone planning a future visit to Algarve, should be considered as, at least, a day trip.

For future reference, I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite things to do in Olhão.


The markets (Mercados de Olhão) are open daily, except on Sundays, but the best day is Saturday, when a farmers Market takes place on the grounds surrounding the Municipal Market. There you can find the fresh fish caught during the night, meat, fruit, vegetables, and flowers.


Old town Olhão is known as Vila Cubista for its sharp lines, terraces, towers, and viewpoints. The buildings, dated from the 18th century, resemble overlaid cubes in a peculiar architecture that the narrow streets accentuate. Walk around the Barreta neighborhood (next to the Markets) and check the Moorish inspired buildings. If you are lucky to be invited to a terrace with a view to the rooftops its even better.


Ria Formosa is a natural reserve and a spectacular place to visit. There are several boat tours for you to choose, according to your interests. You can prefer to visit the islands that are a natural barrier between the sea and the Ria, or you can choose to go fishing or to enjoy some bird watching activities.


From the Ria, Olhão looks almost totally white, but when you start walking around its narrow streets, all sorts of color start to pop up, including amazing murals made by urban artists.


The doors and windows in the old part of the city are colorful and full of details, so if you have a crush on this kind of features (I do!) just have to keep your eyes open and you'll be certain to stop almost every step of the way.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wine Chronicles | Music & Wine at Quinta de Alcube (Azeitão - Portugal)

We all agree that a good wine can be the perfect mach to good music. With that in mind the Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region organizes, for several years now, an Autumn event where the wines of several wineries in the region can be tasted while enjoying a live concert. Along the months of October and November, some lucky wine lovers had the chance to to hear from Bossa Nova to Fado, taste some great wines and regional food at this Sons do Vinho (The Sounds of Wine).

I've visited Quinta de Alcube last Saturday, and not only loved the passion they put on making the best and most natural wine possible, but also enjoyed the place, the wines and the fantastic concert held by the talented trio that performed that evening.

Every session of Sons do Vinho includes a guided visit to the winery, a commented wine tasting, delicious regional produces (bread, cheese, charcuterie, and baking goods) and an intimist concert. At Quinta de Alcube, the visitors were invited to test 3 wines (Quinta the Alcube red, Quinta de Alcube white and Quinta de Alcube Reserva), paired with the delicious bread, cheese and chorizo from the region of Azeitão. At the concert venue, an intermission was the moment to test Alcubíssimo, the special late harvest wine of Quinta de Alcube, the most extraordinary sweet wine, perfect to pair with the sweet regional cakes that were served.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Arrivederci October!

Although the calendar tells us that Autumn is here, the weather insists on its summery vibe and the sunny, hot day persisted until the end of the month. Great days to go to the beach and to walk around the city. Knowing how Lisbon is on everyone must go list, started a new monthly series to bring you my Curated Lisbon Hotels. Hope it will be useful for some of you.

No matter Fall doesn't seem to be here yet, I indulged in some experiences with a clear autumnal mood - a late afternoon in a gorgeous Lisbon's wine bar and an Halloween afternoon tea - both great opportunities to share some good moments with dear friends.

November is here and, with it, the colder and rainy days. Until the next monthly wrap-up, leave you with the nine photos that are the Top 9 for October on our Instagram account. You can follow us there for daily photos and tips.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Tea for Two | Corinthia Halloween Afternoon Tea

(Versão Portuguesa abaixo)

Today, I join some lovely people at the Tempus Lounge of the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon for a fun and delicious Halloween Afternoon Tea.

If you are in Lisbon and in the mood for celebrating the spookiest time of year, this afternoon tea may be just what you are looking for. It was really great with a group of friends, but I can just imagine how much children will love it.

On this themed tea party you will have blood like watermelon juice (so sweet and fresh!) and a choice of 3 aromatic infusions ( Oolong Formosa Mint, Lavander Pai-Mu-Tan and Rooibos Camomile). I had the Lavender Pai-Mu-Tan and simply loved it! We started with a selection of cheese with fruits, accompanied with a basket of bread and toasts, followed by some pretty scary muffins and chocolate filled Dutch Pastry. What can I tell you in my defense... I get under a spell and had to try all! Finally, we all get haunted by a creamy ghost serving pancakes with whipped cream and forest fruits.

 If you feel corageous enough to spend a couple of hours with these sweet treats, all with a deliciously ghoulish twist, you have until November 5th to visit the Corinthia Hotel Lisbon and enjoy this spookylicious experience.

Hoje, juntei-me a um grupo de pessoas adoráveis ​​no Tempus Lounge Bar do Corinthia Hotel Lisbon para um divertido e delicioso chá da tarde de Halloween.

Se estiver em Lisboa e com vontade de celebrar a época mais assustadora do ano, este chá da tarde pode ser exatamente o que está à procura. É óptimo para partilhar com um grupo de amigos, mas posso apenas imaginar o quanto qualquer criança irá adorar este lanche assustador.

Neste chá temático, terá a oportunidade de saborear sumo de melancia (tão doce e fresco!) e uma escolha de 3 infusões aromáticas (Oolong Formosa Mint, Lavander Pai-Mu-Tan e Rooibos Camomile). Eu optei pela infusão de Lavanda Pai-Mu-Tan e simplesmente amei! Começámos com uma seleção de queijos acompanhados de frutas e de uma cesta de pão e torradas, seguida por deliciosos Muffins decorados e pastelaria holandesa recheada de chocolate. O que posso dizer em minha defesa ... acho que fui enfeitiçada e tive que experiemntar tudo! Finalmente, todos ficámos assombrados por um cremoso fantasma servido com panquecas com e frutos vermelhos.

Se se sentir suficientemente corajoso para passar algumas horas com estas doçuras, terá até 5 de Novembro para visitar o Corinthia Hotel Lisbon e aproveitar esta experiência tenebrosamente deliciosa.

Tempus Lounge Bar
Corinthia Hotel Lisbon
Available from 30th October – 5th November, 3 - 6pm
Reservations needed:
or call: +351 91 259 2132

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Best Things to do in Lisbon | The Sounds of Wine

(Versão Portuguesa abaixo)

Starting this weekend and going through November, you can enjoy some of the best things in life - music, wine, and food - on a number of selected wineries near Lisbon. The characteristic smell of the cellars, the passion of the stories and the emotion of the music, all comes together with the good wine and typical food of the Setúbal's region.

You can choose from different music styles, but you can be sure that the guided visit to the winery, the commented wine tasting, the delicious regional produces (bread, cheese, charcuterie, and baking goods) and the intimist concerts, all will add up to an unforgettable experience.

A partir deste fim de semana e durante o mês de Novembro, pode desfrutar de algumas das melhores coisas da vida - música, vinho e comida - num conjunto de adegas selecionadas, perto de Lisboa. O cheiro característico das adegas, a paixão das histórias e a emoção da música, tudo se junta com o bom vinho e comida típica da região de Setúbal.

Pode escolher entre diferentes estilos de música, mas pode ter certeza de que a visita guiada à adega, a prova de vinhos comentada, os deliciosos produtos regionais (pão, queijo, charcutaria e bolos) e os concertos intimistas, contribuirão de igaul forma para uma experiência inesquecível.

28th October, Malo Tojo Wines, Azeitão
Jazz & Bossa Nova with São Santos Silva, Rui Rosado e Luís Filipe Martins.

4th November, Quinta de Alcube, Azeitão
Natural3Soul com Salomé Caldeira, David Piçarra e Renato Batista.

18th November, ASL Tomé, Pinhal Novo
Portuguese Guitars with Pedro Antunes e Nuno Castelo.

25th November, Quinta do Piloto, Palmela
Fado with Cláudia Picado, Ricardo Anastácio e José Duarte.

28 de Outubro, Malo Tojo Wines, Azeitão
Jazz & Bossa Nova com São Santos Silva, Rui Rosado e Luís Filipe Martins.

4 de Novembro, Quinta de Alcube, Azeitão
Natural3Soul com Salomé Caldeira, David Piçarra e Renato Batista.

18 de Novembro, ASL Tomé, Pinhal Novo
Guitarras Portuguesas com Pedro Antunes e Nuno Castelo.

25 de Novembro, Quinta do Piloto, Palmela
Fado com Cláudia Picado, Ricardo Anastácio e José Duarte.

Reservations and Price:

Phone: (+351) 212 334 398
Adults: 12,00€ |  Children (4-12 years old): 5,00€. | Special prices for groups (6-10 pax)

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Wine Chronicles | Adega do Palácio - Wine Bar (Lisbon)

(Versão Portuguesa abaixo)

Last week visited a new wine bar in Lisbon and enjoyed it so much that I had to share it with you. Adega do Palácio is the cozy and welcoming wine bar at Hotel Real Palácio, and is a great place in the city to a late afternoon meal with your friends or for a wine cocktail before dinner.

The interior design is gorgeous, combining tasteful decoration options, with comfort and a vibrant atmosphere. Portuguese music, an impressive list of wines, delicious food and an attentive and helpful service all contribute to a relaxed and remarkable experience.

No matter if you're a local or a visitor to Lisbon, if you're an enthusiast of Portuguese wine and gastronomy, I'm sure Adega do Palácio is a place you want to visit.

Na semana passada, visitei um novo Wine Bar em Lisboa e gostei tanto que tenho de partilhar convosco. A Adega do Palácio é um wine bar acolhedor, situado no Hotel Real Palácio, e é um ótimo lugar na cidade para fazer uma refeição leve com os amigos ao final da tarde, ou para um wine cocktail  antes do jantar.

O design de interiores é lindo, combinando opções de decoração de bom gosto, com conforto e uma atmosfera vibrante. A boa música portuguesa, uma lista impressionante de vinhos, comida deliciosa e um serviço atencioso e útil, contribuem para uma experiência relaxante e que não vão esquecer.

Não importa se é um lisboeta ou um visitante da cidade, se é um entusiasta do vinho e da gastronomia portugueses, tenho certeza de que Adega do Palácio é um lugar que vai gostar de visitar.

Portuguese are certainly wine lovers, but we can't dissociate the pleasure of drinking from food. Adega do Palácio knows us well and presents a delicious menu, including two Tasting Menus, that you can choose with or without wine, several options of "petiscos" (Portuguese snacks) and desserts.

The menu is directly inspired in the Portuguese gastronomy, keeping always in mind the wines that the food will be paired with. It's also a seasonal menu, that changes every six months, in order to bring novelty and the freshest produce to its clients.

We tried the Touriga Tasting Menu and a  platter of national cheeses and smoked ham. The assortment of cheeses and ham was top quality and came accompanied with thin slices of toasted bread, strawberries and pumpkin jam. Perfect! The tasting menu included smoked salmon rolls with rocket and green apple salad (fresh, tasty and a great combination of flavors) and veal tataki with sea salt and old fashioned mustard (the meat melted in the mouth and the seasoning was just right). To finish in a delightful way, we had an orange roulade with Mascarpone cheese. Can only recommend it! Not too sweet, with the lightest Mascarpone cream that I've ever tasted.

Os portugueses são certamente apreciadores de um bom vinho, mas não dissociam o prazer de beber da boa comida. A Adega do Palácio conhece-nos bem e apresenta um menu delicioso, incluindo dois menus de degustação - que se podem escolher com ou sem vinho -  várias opções de petiscos e sobremesas deliciosas.

O menu é inspirado diretamente na gastronomia portuguesa, tendo sempre em mente os vinhos com os quais a comida será emparelhada. É também um cardápio sazonal, que muda a cada seis meses, para trazer a novidade e os produtos mais frescos aos seus clientes.

Nós experimentámos o Menu de Degustação Touriga e uma tábua de queijos nacionais e presunto. A variedade de queijos e o presunto servido são de qualidade superior e vêm acompanhados de finas fatias de pão torrado, morangos e geléia de abóbora. Perfeito! O menu de degustação inclui rolinhos de salmão fumado com salada de maçã verde e rúcula (fresca, saborosa e uma óptima combinação de sabores) e tataki de vitela com sal marinho e mostarda antiga (a carne derretia-se na boca e o tempero estava perfeito). Para terminar de uma forma deliciosa, partilhámos uma torta de laranja com queijo Mascarpone. Só posso recomendá-la! Não muito doce, com o creme de Mascarpone mais leve que eu já provei.

With over 140 references, the Adega do Palácio presents a wine list prominently of Portuguese labels from the noblest wine regions in the country, such as the Alentejo, Douro, Dão, Lisbon and Tejo Valley, and Algarve. Most of this wines are exclusives, that you can only find on specialized distribution. The list includes also some wine cocktails (have you tried a Port Tonic yet?), and a traditional cocktail can be also provided. 

You can ask for a bottle or choose just a glass of wine from a selection of 80 wines that are served by the cup. If you choose the tasting menu with wine, it includes 3 different glasses of wine (one for each dish) and you can be sure that the staff will be more than glad to help you select the best option, considering your personal taste and the food it will be paired with.

The red wine suggested on today's article - Basília, 2010 - combines perfectly with Portuguese cheeses and with red meats, and is one of the most requested by the wine bar's clients. You can know a little more about it on the data sheet below.

Com mais de 140 referências, a Adega do Palácio apresenta uma lista de vinhos maioritariamente com rótulos portugueses das regiões vinícolas mais nobres do país, como Alentejo, Douro, Dão,  Lisboa e Vale do Tejo e Algarve. A maioria destes vinhos são exclusivos, que só pode encontrar na distribuição especializada. A lista inclui também alguns cocktails de vinho (já experimentou um Porto Tonic?), e os cockteis mais tradicionais também podem ser providenciados.

Pode pedir uma garrafa ou escolher apenas um copo de vinho de uma seleção de 80 vinhos que são servidos a copo. Se escolher o menu de degustação com vinho, inclui 3 copos de vinho diferentes (um para cada prato) e pode ter certeza de que quem estiver  a atender terá todo o gosto em ajudar a selecionar a melhor opção, considerando o seu gosto pessoal e a comida com que o vinho será acompanhado.

O vinho tinto sugerido no artigo de hoje - Basília, 2010 - combina perfeitamente com queijos portugueses e com carnes vermelhas, e é um dos mais solicitados pelos clientes da Adega do Palácio. Poderá ficar a saber um pouco mais sobre este vinho na ficha técnica abaixo.

(Open every day from 17:30 to 01:00)
Rua S. Sebastião da Pedreira nº 234-C,
1050-210 Lisboa
Phone: (+351) 213 199 500

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