Friday, 21 April 2017

Best Things to Do in Lisbon | Exhibitions to Go with Kids

When traveling with my son, specially when he was a little boy, always make time to visit museums and exhibitions on the subjects he was most interested at the time or on areas that I really wanted to captivate him for. Does it surprise you that once in London I've visited the Natural History Museum three days in a row? He was 8 at the time and dinosaurs were right in the top of its list!

This week I've told you about some nice places to stay with your kids in Algarve. Today, bring you 2 exhibitions, currently in Lisbon, that I'm sure your family will appreciate. Ancient Egypt and Space are pretty tough competitors to dinosaurs, don't you think?



Until May, 1st

This exhibition is a spectacular recreation of the famous Pharaoh's tomb and treasures, as they were discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter. Tutankhamun - Treasures of Egypt, is a fantastic trip to the time of the Pharaohs, where it is possible to appreciate more than 100 fantastic reproductions of the pieces found by Howard Carter, all produced in Egypt, following the same technique used thousands of years ago by craftsmen in the manufacture of the treasures of King Tutankhamun.

The highlight of the exhibition is a visit to the reproduction of the Tutankhamun's Tomb, on a real scale. A documentary film and a set of original, black and white photos on a large scale document the whole process of Howard Carter's discovery, the greatest ever of not only Egyptology, but archeology in general.



Since April, 14th

As the organization claims, Cosmos Discovery is the world’s largest touring Exhibition about space exploration. This exhibition occupies an area of 2500 m2 and will feature hundreds of items that map the development of manned spaceflights from the early days to current missions and those planned for the near future. There is a lot to see and interact and a visit can constitute a unique learning experience for the whole family.

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