Monday, 3 April 2017

The Wine Chronicles | Setúbal's Península Wine Region

Close to Lisbon and ideal for a day trip from the Portuguese capital, this wine region has very much to offer to its visitors. Famous for its sweet Moscatel wine, Setúbal's Península region is also notable for its table wine with both white and red wines acknowledged internationally.

But don't you think that you will only find wine there. A rich gastronomy, where the freshest see food and some of the best cheese in the country are kings, will impress you and will be the right combination for the diversity of wines presented.

In the other hand, the surrounding nature and impressive landscape  - this region includes the Arrábida's Natural Park and River Sado's Natural Reserve - and the richness of historical and cultural heritage will grant you plenty to see.

Actually, a day is not enough to enjoy the secluded beaches, to visit all the castles, monasteries, manors, cellars and quaint villages scattered trough the region. This part of the country deserves to be one of your future destinations and any one can find there their dream accommodation. From a medieval castle, to a convent or even a windmill there are all sort of options available.

There are also organized experiences that can include visits to wineries, wine tasting and tradicional gastronomy events. Recently, I've been to a regional wine and cheese tasting event, taking place at a traditional produces festival in Palmela. The event included a short seminar on the region's wines and cheese (Queijo de Azeitão), a tasting of cheeses from 4 different producers and of 3 wines (a white, a red and a Moscatel),  and a pairing of wine and cheese. This event, organized by Rota de Vinhos da Península de Setúbal granted everyone present a pleasant (and delicious!) time along with great tips for buying wine and cheese.

All trough this year I'll bring you more information on this wine region with both suggestions of places, itineraries and attractions and, off course, wine, gastronomy and accommodation. Stay tuned!


  1. I totally agree with you. One day for exploring is too little. Usually we spend 3 days to explore the location

    1. In this specific place is totally truth. Not to say that visiting it in different seasons brings completely different experiences. If you have the chance I strongly advise a visit to this part of the country.

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