Friday, 2 June 2017

Portuguese Chronicles | Castelo de Palmela

Standing strong on the top of the hill, Palmela's castle overlooks the plains, rivers and ocean bellow for more than one thousand years. Less than a hour away from Lisbon by car, Palmela and its castle are perfect for a day trip from the Portuguese capital. The visit to the castle will take you around one hour and a half, and can make a really great program, complementing it with a walk around the town, a wine tasting, a drive trough Serra da Arrábida hills or an afternoon on one of the amazing beaches nearby.

The castle fortress was built by the Moors and, after centuries of islamic dominion was conquered by the Christians in the 12th century. In that century the castle was donated to the military Order of Santiago (Order of St. James of the Sword). This fortress became the headquarters for those Christian knights, that have been major actors of the conquest of the South territory of Portugal.

Now is possible to visit the castle and church and occasionally there are historical reenactments and medieval fairs in the castle grounds. There is a restaurant in the castle terrace and an hotel if you choose to stay in the region. But if you only have time for a visit, the overwhelming 360º view is absolutely worthwhile the trip.

Castelo de Palmela 
Open daily
Free entrance


  1. Looks like it is a hidden gem outside of Lisbon! Good find!

  2. The castle looks lovely and especially the bougainvillea spread makes it look pretty. The blue tiles that you have captured give you an idea of how lovely it must have been back then. Cheers

  3. I got to visit 10 years ago. Never made it too far from Lisbon, but got to visit Castelo de Palmela.

  4. Well, the way it has been explained is really amazing. Specially the photographs.

  5. Very beautiful! Castle on the hill is very magician and romantic place at the same time


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