Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The Wanderer's Hot List | 7 Things To Do This Summer

Summer is here and for many of you this is the time for take a break from work or school, to relax, to travel and to do some of the things that have been waiting for a while. This Hot List of mine was made to bring you some suggestions and is mostly based on the things I like. Check it for one or two ideas you feel it will relate to you and, above all, enjoy the brand new season that just arrived today.


You can finally stop worrying about work, you have a lot of time in your hands, the days are longer and you end up in a frenzy trying to check a long list of things you must do to have the perfect Summer?


Relax! If you noticed, there is no "must do" on this list. Actually is just a silly list of things you / I can do. If you want, if you like... My first suggestion: Stop and Relax. Think about what you like and what you want, and then make your plans. But with the flexibility to make it enjoyable, not a list of tasks to do.


There is something invigorating about being close to the sea (for me, at least!). Love to go to the beach all year around, but the long Summer days make it special. I don't like to stay on the sand just sun bathing and prefer to go to the beach early in the morning or late in the afternoon, until the sun sets. You can find me there, walking on the sand, bathing in the ocean (if the water is not ice cold!), photographing and reading.


If there is no beach near you, go to the local swimming pool or to an hotel. Many hotels in the city accept daily visitors to their pools for a fee. Although a pool is not the ocean, usually has many other amenities available and is a nice option for the hot Summer days.


I love picnics all year around, but Summer is perfect to take a basket loaded with treats to the country side or to the beach. A blanket and some pillows are the special touch you need for extra comfort and style. Either a large picnic with a group of friends or a romantic one, just made for two, this is one of my favs for the season.


Most of the times is not so much for the drink as it is for the good company of old friends. Arrange a get together with some friends, head to a bar by the sea or on a rooftop and ask for some drinks. Laughters and cocktails (or mocktails) go perfectly with Summer.


Photo by Hampus Alexander Photography

Take advantage of the good weather and the warm Summer nights and go to a open air concert or to the movies. I have the dearest childhood memories of an open air cinema, where the film was projected on a white sheet stretched in the street. This year in Lisbon you too can go to the movies under the stars, all provided by Ciné Society. To make this experience even better, you can have that drink while you watch the film!


Stay on the beach until night, discover the best spot to wait for sunset in your city or in the city your are visiting, go to a sunset party somewhere and enjoy that perfect moment of color and light. You'll have the guarantee of a total exclusive, for each day will be different from the other. Do it by yourself or in any other good company and see how amazing it is.


  1. I'd try to go roofless as much as possible this summer!

  2. Wow, good list for enjoying summer time. I love beaches too, that`s why I choose to live by the sea. Great photography.

  3. Great ideas, so perfect for a nice and relaxing summer. I am a total beach girl

  4. These are really nice options for chilling in summers. I love to go in mountains during summers to escape the heat. :)

  5. I love all of these! Relax & Vitamin C are on my agenda for this weekend! ;)

  6. Lovely list describing how to best enjoy summer! I am more than looking forward to a good dose of Vitamin Sea :)

  7. Summer has not yet made it to our part of the world (it's weirldy chilly - it should be hot!) but we can hope!

  8. Some great summery ideas here. It's true that many hotels in home cities accept daily visitors to their pools for a fee- it's a fun way to enjoy a staycation

  9. I've got the drinks part down, and I'm doing the outdoor concert tomorrow. Now I really just have to find some time to relax.


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