Monday, 23 May 2016

Athens Chronicles | The Acropolis

Visible from most of the city, with its white marble monuments shining in the sun, the Acropolis is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world and one of the places to visit in Athens.

The Acropolis was inhabited by humans since the Neolithic until the end of the sixth century BC, when the Oracle of Delphos declared that this was the territory of the gods. After the destruction caused by the Persian invasions, Pericles established an ambitious reconstruction plan and transformed the Acropolis into a city of temples, designed by the best architects, built with the richer materials and adorned by the best sculptors and artists. The destruction and looting, as well as the ravages of time, have long reduced the splendor of the ancient Acropolis, but the restoration programs initiated several years ago still continue and many of the original sculptures were taken to the Acropolis Museum, being replaced by replicas.

We reached the Acropolis, coming from Monastiraki and crossing the Plaka district. If you want to visit other places you should check at the ticket office on the possibility of buying conjoint tickets that are more economical and are valid for several days. Needless to say, particularly for a visit in the summer, it is mandatory to wear comfortable shoes, light clothes, sunglasses and preferably a hat. And don’t forget the sun screen and a couple bottles of water.

The city view is truly breathtaking and the feeling of being in a place with so much history is disturbing. An additional visit to the fantastic New Acropolis Museum helps you to know the evolution of human occupation of the site and the buildings that existed there.

Opening Hours and Prices:
8am – 8pm April to October
8am – 5pm November to March
Last entry 30min before closing

Adults 12€ / Children free
Free admission first Sunday of the month from November to March.

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