Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Shopping in Lisbon | A Vida Portuguesa Store

I imagine that many of you, while visiting a country, like to buy something that helps you to remind that experience once you return home. I do! I love to look out for objects, books or food that I can take back home that are characteristic of the place I've visited, that tell me something about that country and the story and personality of their people.

If you are in Lisbon (or Porto) and are a little like me, A Vida Portuguesa is the place to go and take a little piece of Portugal with you.

As the brand manifests in their site "A Vida Portuguesa was born out of the will to create an inventory of the brands that survived the passage of time, to highlight the quality of Portuguese manufacture and to showcase Portugal in a surprising light." And that is exactly what they have done since they started. Many Portuguese brands have revived with their help and today Portuguese can find so many products that have made part of the story of their lives (like toys, biscuits or the color pencils of our school days) and our visitors can take a glimpse of our soul.

There you can find all kind of products, from tiles to food, from toys to books and stationary, from cosmetics to kitchenware. The common characteristic is that thats all Portuguese manufactured and quality guaranteed. I've mentioned A Vida Portuguesa in the post about some Gift Ideas to Buy in Portugal that was a success. Most of the itens mentioned there are available at A Vida Portuguesa, but in any one of the stores you can find that and much more.

This photos were taken at the store in Largo do Intendente and the building it self is a must see in the city. A Vida Portuguesa in the newly-revamped Intendente neighborhood, stands in the old Viúva Lamego tile factory and offers over 3.000 product references, from some the best "goods" in Portugal under in 500 square meter store. The facade all covered in painted tiles and the historic interiors are amazing and the perfect scenery for all the goodies you can find inside. You can also find other A Vida Portuguesa stores in Chiado and at Mercado da Ribeira. There is also a shop in Porto.

A Vida Portuguesa
Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 23
1100-285 Lisboa
Phone: +351 211 974 512

Opening hours: Daily, from 10:30 until 19:30


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