Thursday, 9 November 2017

Wine Chronicles | Music & Wine at Quinta de Alcube (Azeitão - Portugal)

We all agree that a good wine can be the perfect mach to good music. With that in mind the Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region organizes, for several years now, an Autumn event where the wines of several wineries in the region can be tasted while enjoying a live concert. Along the months of October and November, some lucky wine lovers had the chance to to hear from Bossa Nova to Fado, taste some great wines and regional food at this Sons do Vinho (The Sounds of Wine).

I've visited Quinta de Alcube last Saturday, and not only loved the passion they put on making the best and most natural wine possible, but also enjoyed the place, the wines and the fantastic concert held by the talented trio that performed that evening.

Every session of Sons do Vinho includes a guided visit to the winery, a commented wine tasting, delicious regional produces (bread, cheese, charcuterie, and baking goods) and an intimist concert. At Quinta de Alcube, the visitors were invited to test 3 wines (Quinta the Alcube red, Quinta de Alcube white and Quinta de Alcube Reserva), paired with the delicious bread, cheese and chorizo from the region of Azeitão. At the concert venue, an intermission was the moment to test Alcubíssimo, the special late harvest wine of Quinta de Alcube, the most extraordinary sweet wine, perfect to pair with the sweet regional cakes that were served.

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