Thursday, 10 May 2018

Chronicles From Andalusia | Córdoba's Patios

Last Summer we have been to Córdoba for a few days and among the many things that impressed us and captured our hearts in this wonderful city, the Patios were among the first. I could only imagine how it would look with all the plants in full bloom and promised to myself to return to Córdoba some day in Spring. In May, when the Patios are at they prime, Córdoba celebrates the Patios Festival, a true feat of color and beauty. I didn't make it this year, but I'm sharing it with you. Who knows, maybe we'll meet in Córdoba next year...

Many of the lovely patios, like the one in the photos above, are in private homes and the owners kindly let you in to visit their beautiful patios. There are tours available that take to some of these pátios. Some other patios are scattered trough the city, like the one bellow, that you can find at the Zoco Municipal de la Artesanía. The top photo in this article was taken at Palacio de Viana, where you can find nothing less than 12 patios. But be sure to get there on time (I didn't!). You can also visit the Centro de Interpretación de la Fiesta de los Patios Trueque Cuatro, an emblematic Patio House where you can experience this amazing tradition.

Although I didn't visit Córdoba this Spring, I'll be able to share some gorgeous photos with you from this year's edition of the Patios Festival, kindly authorized by Córdoba 24. Please check their site as they have all the information you can need to prepare your visit to Córdoba.

Some Useful Adresses:

DePatios (Tours)
C/San Basilio, 14
14004 Córdoba

Zoco Municipal de la Artesanía
Calle Judíos, s/n, 14004 Córdoba

Palácio de Viana
Plaza de don Gome, 2 14001 Córdoba

Centro de Interpretación de la Fiesta de los Patios Trueque Cuatro
Calle Trueque, 4 Córdoba

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  1. Amazing! I am an aspiring flower photographer,Beautiful photographs you have covered with this topic and I really appreciate the way you have written this article. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work.


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