Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Chronicles from Malta | Comino Island and the Blue Lagoon

Picture a small island with only 3.5 square kilometers, car-free and virtually uninhabited, apart from one single hotel. Picture caves and snorkeling perfect places, a sheltered inlet with cristal clear waters over white sand, reflecting the blue skies. This are Comino and the Blue Lagoon, and my advice is to get there if you can.

The fact is that, during Summer, Comino, and specially the Blue Lagoon receive many day visitors, so don't expect to be the only one to enjoy this piece of paradise. But no matter if you have to share it with a multitude, the scenery and the warm blue waters are perfectly worth it.

Although Comino looks quite arid and barren today, when the Knights arrived in 1530, it was home to wild boar and hares, becoming highly protected hunting grounds along with its role in the defence of the Maltese Islands against the Ottoman Turks.

Today the island depends much on tourism and, being just a few minutes away from Gozo by boat, is an easy destination for day trips. There are also small cruises coming from Valletta, that bring visitors along the coast for a few hours in Comino. If you take my advice, visit Gozo for a couple of days and include half a day in the Blue Lagoon to your plans. I'm sure you will not regretted.

Make sure you take a towel to seat on. The space is scarce and the Blue Lagoon has only a very (I mean, very!) small stripe of sand. There are some deck chairs and parasols to rent, but in such short space, people are just seat next to another and it didn't seam very appealing to me.

Don't forget the sun screen, your sunglasses and a hat. The sun is hot and the bright light reflects from the water and from the yellow rocks around the lagoon.

Take some rubber sandals or flip flops to walk to the water. The rocky ground can be tricky and you don't want to heart your feet.

Take some water and snacks. There are some small bars close, but don't have that much variety and the prices are somewhat inflated. But you can indulge on a ice cold cocktail served on a pineapple!

Final tip: please don't left nothing behind. If you had made any trash, take it to one of the many bins available. I was shocked how, in face of such beauty, people let their bottles, straws, and pineapples laying in the ground with a trash bin just a few steps away.

As I've told you before, its very easy to get there from Gozo where you can find regular boat trips connecting Mgarr harbor and the Blue Lagoon. We travelled with Ebsons Comino Ferries, and the trip to and from Comino in one of their fast boats was comfortable, safe and exciting. You can find their stand just across the Ferry terminal and you'll have a boat leaving for the Blue Lagoon every hour (full hour). The trip takes about 15 minutes and you can get back from Comino at a quarter past the hour. Some of the trips back to Mgarr include a visit to the caves in Comino. I've found their services very professional and you can know more about the company on their site and or book your trip using the contacts bellow.

Adults - 10 € | Chlidren 5 - 10 yrs - 5 € | Under 5yrs - Free
Phone: +356 7920 4014

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