Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Lisbon Chronicles | Fundação Champalimaud

In the far-west side of Belém one can find the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown, that hosts the Champalimaud Foundation’s activities in the fields of neuroscience and oncology by means of research programmes and the provision of clinical care of excellence. The stunning architecture of the   building complex is a never ending source of sceneries for those passioned for architectural photography.

In the words of its architect, Charles Correa, "This project uses the highest levels of contemporary science and medicine to help people grappling with real problems. And to house these cutting-edge activities, we tried to create a piece of architecture. Architecture as Sculpture. Architecture as Beauty. Beauty as therapy.”

Pure beauty of forms, shade and light is what one can experience as walking around the buildings and following them along the riverbank. Perfectly integrated into the local area, the paths and green spaces, open for public enjoyment, the spectacular view of the sea, the openair amphitheatre, and the infinity pool surely make a visit worthwhile. Complementing this with a drink or meal at the Darwin's Café will turn this moment the best start (or finish) for your visit to Belém.

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