Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Athens Chronicles | The New Acropolis Museum

A visit to the Acropolis is only complete with a passage for this new, modern museum. Coming down from the Acropolis to Dionysiou  Aeropagitou Street, a beautiful avenue that is exclusively for pedestrians, linking the major archaeological sites on that side of town, you arrive quickly to the New Acropolis Museum which is just 300 meters from the Acropolis.

By itself, the building is impressive when seen from the outside. The interior architecture as well as the concept that underlies the entire exhibition make your visit a truly unforgettable experience. Made of glass and illuminated by natural light, the museum, opened in 2009, was built on top of ancient excavations, which are still visible to visitors through glass floors.

With over 14,000 square meters de exhibition space, its permanent collection features findings from excavations in the Acropolis and the surrounding areas, as well as statues and sculptures rescued from the original location and that at the Museum are in a protected location.

Particularly impressive is the way chosen  to expose the original Parthenon sculptures. Displayed  in several floors, in a structure with the actual size of the original building, the sculptures from the fries, metopes and pediments are exposed to the public. The parts that are exposed in other museums are here replaced by models made from the original to give an accurate picture of its original grandeur.

(All the photos are courtesy of the New Acropolis Museum)

It is certainly a place to visit and you must reserve 2-3 hours to be able to observe the entire exhibition calmly.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices:
8am to 8pm from April to October (except Monday closing at 4pm)
9am to 5pm from November to March (except Friday, Saturday and Sunday closing at 8pm)
Last entry 30 minutes before closing

Adults € 5 / Children up to 5 years (not US) or up to 18 (US) free

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