Friday, 5 August 2016

Lisbon Chronicles | Praia Morena

If there is something that is never lacking in my to do list, either summer or winter, is going to the beach, watch the sea, bury my feet in the sand, listening to the waves, feeling the wind and the sun.

While in Lisbon, the Morena Beach is my chosen spot. My taste for the sea has mainly to do with the  outdoors experience, with the sounds and smells that only the beach have, with a tranquility that the proximity of the sea gives me.

The Morena beach has the advantage of having the Borda D’Água, a  restaurant full of atmosphere with chairs, loungers and shadows in the sand where we can stay all day and enjoy the juices, sandwiches and fruits. In the afternoon, one sangria or a cocktail to enjoy the sunset. Finally, close the day with a fresh fish dinner. All this just steps from the sea, surrounded by friendly people and the sound of good music. Never miss it in my Summer plans!

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