Friday, 7 October 2016

Lisbon Chronicles | Elevador de Santa Justa

One of the most serious problems to overcome in Lisbon, while moving around, has always resided in the strong existing gaps between downtown and the upper town, which difficult the access between the two areas, even when the distance between them is insignificant. No wonder therefore that, when the necessary technology  was developed, in the nineteenth century, it would had an wide application in Lisbon, where were built several lifts and funiculars.

To bridge the gap that separates Rua do Ouro (Gold Street, Downtown) to Largo do Carmo (Carmo Square, in Chiado), which is about 31.92 meters vertically, was designed and built a vertical lift. The work, performed in iron, in a neo-gothic style, very  fin de siécle, with  decorative elements in cast iron and lacy filigree style. The works have been started in 1898, and its inauguration took place on July 10, 1902, having at the time been dubbed lift Ouro - Carmo.

Today, is commonly known as Elevador de Santa Justa and continues to transport both residents and visitors. On the top of the elevator is a terrace with a spectacular 360º view of the city, what makes it one of the best viewpoints of Lisbon. You can travel up and down on the lift or just access the terrace from the entrance accessible from Largo do Carmo.

Since February 2002, the Santa Justa lift is classified as National Monument.

Opening Hours and Ticket Prices:

October to May: 7 am - 9:45 pm

June to September and Easter: 7 am - 10:45 pm

Santa Justa  Ticket  5€ (bought on board);
You can also use your Lisboa Viva Card, 7 Colinas Card or Viva Viagem Card, previously charged, or your Yellow Bus ticket.

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