Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Lisbon Chronicles | Palácio Chiado

Have I told you before the Lisbon is a beautiful city and has beautiful places to go? I think so. And taking the risk of repeating myself, invite you to visit Palácio Chiado. This impressive palace in Chiado neighborhood was recently restored and elegantly transformed into a sophisticated food court.

At the entrance you will receive a card on which to run a tab to pay on your way out. So I suggest you explore the palace and choose one or more places to taste your meal. The two floors of the palace offer seven restaurants, all of them spinoffs of previously existing restaurantes in the city. Independently of what restaurant you choose, enjoy the interiors of the building with its outstanding fresco murals, the intricate  moldings and the  imposing stairways and decor.

In the first floor you can find the bar and four food options in the more affordable range of 10 to 20 €. I have already tried  the Philly Steak Sandwich from  the Meat Bar by Atalho and its really delicious. On another occasion did go for the Beicone from the Burgers & Feikes, by U-Try, and although the burger was tasty  the bun and the salad were  quite disappointing. There is also a restaurant specialized in Petiscos (the Portuguese equivalent of Tapas) and a healthy food restaurant.

If you are in the mood for a fancier meal, head upstairs where you can find three different options. As you walk up the grand double staircase don't miss the stained-glass window, just above the landing, representing the Quintela regal coat of arms (the palace was built in 1781, for the 1st Baron of Quintela).

At the top of the stairs, after crossing the large wooden doors, you enter a sequence of magnificent rooms. On your right, across Sala Quintela, is  Delisbon, a charcuterie with meat and cheese pairings selected by renown Portuguese chefs, where you can enjoy a nice wine while nibbling a tasty Portuguese ham, totally surrounded by elaborate frescos of Roman imagery.    Contiguously is the sushi restaurant Sushic Chiado. On the left you can find the most intimate Espumanteria do Mar where you can have a sparkling cocktail with the best of fish and seafood dishes. Here the decor is sophisticated and you can't help to notice the magnificent golden winged lion that hangs above the bar.

Palácio Chiado
Rua Alecrim 70, Lisboa
Phone: +351 210101184

To get there you can take the subway to Baixa-Chiado. The station is at walking distance from the palace. Just in front of the door you can find the statue to Eça de Queiroz (1845-1900) who is generally considered to be the greatest Portuguese writer in the realist literary style.  The sentence engraved at the bottom of the monument is from the author and reflects his vision on fiction: "Over the strong nudity of truth, the diaphanous veil of phantasy"

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