Friday, 18 November 2016

Food Chronicles | Cabaña las Lillas (Buenos Aires)

One of the restaurants we experienced on our visit to Buenos Aires was the Cabaña las Lillas in Puerto Madero. Opposite the marina dock 4, near the Puente de la Mujer and the Fragata Sarmiento, this restaurant offers excellent steaks, good wine and a beautiful view of the river, as well as an attentive and friendly service.

Spacious, both on the terrace and in the main room, features an elegant decor, dominated by the nobility of wood, iron and leather.

Despite having plenty of tables and not being a very cheap restaurant, is always full and when we arrived we had to wait a few minutes for a table. The bar is very nice and waiting with a drink and some snacks is a great way to spend your time. I also took the opportunity to peek the kitchen / grill that is in sight and believe me, see all the team in action is a true spectacle.

When we arrived at the table and while waiting for our orders to be prepared, had some entries and delicious breads that are also an emblem of the house. For someone who loves bread, like me, the diversity offered was irresistible. From Rosemary Focaccia decorating each table in a kind of pedestal created for this purpose, to all the bread  slices and small breads that are brought along the meal is hard to resist not to taste all.

The meat is delicious and melts  in the mouth. It comes from grazing livestock, from a livestock breeding of its own that, in addition to providing the restaurant sells to the domestic and foreign markets. You can also try fish and seafood dishes, but we all choose meat and we didn’t regret it. For those who like to accompany the meal with wine, Cabaña las Lillas has plenty, and good, to choose from.

After all the snacks, the meat and (too much) bread, I had no appetite for a dessert, but I assure you that what I saw on the tables next to ours  was really tempting.

Cabaña las Lillas
Alicia Moreau de Justo 516
Tel (054) 011 4313-1336
Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires

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