Wednesday, 30 November 2016

So Long November...

Another month that comes to its end! We are about to enter December and soon this year will be over. In Lisbon, the Autumn has been mild, with sunny days inviting to stroll trough the city. Some of the places visited have already been featured on the blog: Central Tejo, Jardim da Estrela and Street Art at LX Factory. But I've been in a lot of great places that I'm anxious to show you. Soon, I promise!

Working on the blog (more posts on Barcelona, Paris and Buenos Aires), engaging in some collaborations with other sites (you can find them here) and a new project (is travel related, and when the time comes will tell more about it) have taken most of the time. This coming month I'll be trying to keep things going around here while making all the holiday preparations, so if you'll notice some radio silence, its for a good cause.

These nine photos are the Top 9 for November on our Instagram account. You can follow us there for daily photos and tips.

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