Sunday, 30 July 2017

Goodbye July!

July was kind on me and although I've been feeling quite lazy these days,  I've managed to explore some places and experiences closer home that can be great ideas for those visiting Lisbon.

A sunset cruise on river Tagus and a wine tasting along the Arrábida coast were two amazing experiences that I've already shared with you. A visit to Cabo Espichel was also so enjoyable and soon I'll be telling you all about it and giving you my best tips for a visit. A couple of years ago, I've visited Rome (in July!) and this July I've brought you my favorite fountains on the Eternal City and a special recipe to remember Rome. This post is the first of a new series, that I've called Travel Cooking, that I'll be writing especially for all those of you that share my passions for travel and food. Is also thinking of my foodie readers that I've created a new blog page featuring all the restaurant reviews and food related articles. You can find my Food Chronicles here!

August will bring some new places, stories, and experiences. Until the next monthly wrap-up, leave you with the nine photos that are the Top 9 for July on our Instagram account. You can follow us there for daily photos and tips.

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  1. Nice pictures! I've always wanted to visit Lisbon, and in that sense your post was really wonderful :)
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