Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Lisbon Chronicles | Lisbon Sunset Party Cruise

"Digo: “Lisboa”
Quando atravesso – vinda do sul – o rio
E a cidade a que chego abre-se como se do seu nome nascesse
Abre-se e ergue-se em sua extensão noturna
Em seu longo luzir de azul e rio
Em seu corpo amontoado de colinas (...)"

"I say:" Lisbon "
When I cross - coming from the south - the river
And the city to which I arrive opens as if its name had born
It opens and rises in its nightly extension
In its long glimmer of blue and river
In its body heaped with hills (...) "

Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen (1977), in Obra Poética, 2011

I've crossed the river many times before and I know how stunning Lisbon can be when you look to the city from the water. Lisbon grew around the castle and along the river banks, and it looks like it's perching over the water, maybe to see how beautiful she is. Yes, I wrote she! For the Portuguese, although millennial, Lisbon is a pretty maiden, a young girl eternally in love with the river. And if you cruise the river and look to Lisbon, you'll have no doubt why the Tagus will forever love its lady. The vision is superb!

For a long time, I had the plan to sail along the Tagus river. A kind invitation by Confeitaria Nacional River Cruise made it possible just a couple of weeks ago and it was such a great experience, that I must share it with you and strongly recommend it as a great way to know the city.

The Cruise starts at Rocha do Conde de Óbidos (Alcântara), where Confeitaria Nacional, one of the most known patisseries of Lisbon, has a store with an agreeable terrace facing the river. If you arrive early, you can enjoy a happy hour there while waiting for the ship to leave. You can get on board in Rocha dock or near Belém Tower.

The cruise has a duration of about one hour and takes you up the river to the Pantheon and then down the river to Belém. Enjoying the splendid scenery while relaxing with a cocktail, or a glass of wine, tasting some delicious Portuguese "petiscos" and listening to contemporary jazz mixed by the resident DJ can surely be an amazing experience.

The ship is large, very comfortable and carefully decorated, and the service is attentive and professional. There are also 2 daily cruises during the day, at 1 and 3 pm, where along with the sightseeing you can enjoy a delicious meal or just relax on the sun deck.

Confeitaria Nacional River Cruise | Sunset Party
Ticket available at Confeitaria Nacional (Praça de Figueira), CN Belém, CN Rio, ticket online
For more information please contact Mariana at:
Phone: +351 911 798 595

Cruise Hours and Ticket Prices
(From April to October)
6:00 pm Happy Hour in Alcântara and Belém
7:45 pm Alcântara Departure
8:15 pm Belém Stop
8:30 pm Belém Departure
9:30 pm Alcântara

Adults 20 € (includes one drink) | 5-12 anos 10 € | over 65 10 € | Children under 5 are free


  1. Looks like the full experience! Your pictures are wonderful as they reflect your evening cruise that kept you busy for 3 1/2 hours, with beautiful views.

  2. We have been to Lisbon twice but never taken a crusie on the Tagus. Next visit we will do this.

  3. A sunset cruise makes for a great experience. On top of that if you are able to see the enchanting skyline of Lisbon, the experience goes to a different level altogether. This seems to be a great way to party and have a great time in Lisbon.

  4. I like river cruises and the view of land from it...the one in Lisbon seems so promising. I will like to try it out when I go here. Reminded me of my sunset river cruise in Paris

  5. Lisbon is absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful river cruise it must be.

  6. I can see a lot of construction cranes. Lisbon is developing! It's so cool!


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