Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Travel Cooking | Saltimbocca alla Romana

If you're a regular visit to the blog, I'm sure you had no trouble figuring out that I love food. For those who just recently get to know me and the Wanderer's Chronicles I must say that this is the plain truth: I love good food! Both eating and cooking it.

So, as you can imagine, while visiting a country, restaurants, cafés and markets are mandatory places to go. But such pleasant experiences can't be restricted to the days I spend on each country. Cooking books and, many times, some specific ingredients, find their place on my luggage and accompanied me home. Back home, starts the adventure of reproducing my favorite recipes!

For all those of you that share my passions for travel and food, I'm starting a new series - Travel Cooking - where I'll feature recipes from different countries and regions. Hope you will enjoy it!

I'm partial to Mediterranean cuisine and particularly Italian food. So, let's start with a favorite of mine  - Saltimbocca all Romana. Grab a glass of vino, imagine yourself on a terrace overlooking Rome and taste this delicious veal escalopes, sided by some risotto (I choose asparagus) or pollenta.

Saltimbocca is a delicious  Italian meat recipe that has become popular in many countries. The very thin veal escalopes do not even need salt, since the intense flavor of the prosciutto is enough to season them. The Marsala wine in the sauce gives a special sweet touch that combines perfectly with the salty tasty of the prosciutto and the pungent aroma of the sage. Such a tasty treat it only  can "jump in the mouth" as soon as it appears on the plate!

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