Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Chronicles from Alentejo | Malhão Beach (Praia do Malhão)

Last August I've visited some spots on the awesome Southwest coast of Portugal. I've written here about the stone piles of Vila Nova de Milfontes and today bring you Praia do Malhão, a spectacular beach close to that coastal town and about 1 hour and 45 minutes from Lisbon.

We left Lisbon under a sunny, blue sky, to arrive at a misty coast, hardly seeing more than a few meters ahead. If Praia do Malhão is beautiful under the sun, with the filtered light looks almost magical. Eventually, the fog dissipated and the sun started to shine. It was my first time there, but I plan to come back and can't recommend you enough to visit it if you have the chance.

To get there you'll have to drive your car trough a short (kind of...) bumpy dirt track, but then you'll find a large, organized parking lot and nice and easy access to the beach. And what a beach! A large extension of white clean sand, protected by the dunes and shielded by the rock formations. At the low tide, there are small pools on the rocks and with the high tie there can be nice waves for the surfers. If you practice naturism, the north part of the beach is welcoming to that. There is a Surf School, but I didn't spot any restaurant, so you better be prepared with some water and snacks.

All along the beach and over the dunes, you can find some newly built walks with view points to catch the best views of Malhão, and of the coast. I love to photograph the dune vegetation and even spotted a little baby falcon on one of its first flights.

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  1. The most pleasant sightseeing spots. I love that, let alone the super sexy scenery..


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