Friday, 22 September 2017

The Wanderer's Hot List | 7 Things To Do This Autumn

Here we are... again in Autumn! People returning to work, the kids are back at school, the days get shorter and the temperature drops (and I start dreaming about getting back to southern hemisphere!). After the success of my Summer Hot List, I'm bringing to you my humble list of activities that can make this season a special one. Hope you can find here some tips and suggestions for your own Fall activities.


If there's something that makes Autumn special is the true spectacle of nature before the dormant months of Winter. The explosion of color and the warmth of the Fall's pallete are nothing less than breathtaking. Portugal may not be the perfect place for it (most of our tree species have perennial foliage) but I'm always alert for the next Fall photo. Walking through the city, its gardens or in the woods, photographing or sketching can be an engaging activity for the Autumn days to come.


In Lisbon, we know that the Autumn has arrived when we can smell the aroma of roasted chestnuts and see the smoke rising from the carts of the chestnut sellers. Although they don't seem to agree with my stomach, this year I intend to buy a cone of steaming hot chestnuts and fully enjoy the flavor of Fall. What is the Autumn signature flavor from your home country?


Harvesting is a traditional Autumn activity and for a long time that I had the plan to participate in a grape harvest. The anticipation of this year's harvest in Portugal allow me to have this experience in the last days of Summer, but I think it's fair to check this out of my Autumn list. Always find the contact with nature so soothing and the visit to farms such a great opportunity to have a new and fresh perspective on things.


Portugal has lots of Medieval Fairs and Markets. Some take place in the Summertime and others on the early days of Autumn, and I think this is the ideal time to enjoy all the fun these events can bring. All sort of performers, historical reenactments, and traditional food and beverages are some of the things one can find at these fairs. The possibility of dressing up just adds to the appeal of the experience. Do you have some nice Medieval events at your hometown?


The fresh weather calls for a hot drink and what better than a nice afternoon tea to bring some friends together? Either at home or at a nice place (check my Tea for Two suggestions in Lisbon), a good cuppa and some sweet and savory treats are the best scenery for a long talk (and a lot of laughs) with the girls.


Picture those rainy Autumn days, the windy and cold weather outside, a blanket over your knees, a mug full of hot chocolate and a great book. As much as I like to travel, near or far, this can be the picture of a perfect afternoon for me (just do not give me too much of it, please). Books have the ability to make you travel in space and in time, and many times are the trigger for your wanderlust and for the idea of visiting someplace new.


Exercise gratefulness is an year long activity and Autumn is as perfect to start practicing it more frequently and consciounsly as any other season. Be grateful for your life, all your conquests, all the challenges and dificulties that make you grow, all the people that make your life better and brigther, and let them know how much they mean for you. Looking at the alf full cup, will surelly make your drink taste better!

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