Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Chronicles from Andalusia | 3 Cities to Remember

Once the Roman Baetica and later part of the Moorish Al-Andalus, Andalusia still presents layers upon layers of history and culture. As diverse is also its natural landscape of snow topped mountains, rolling plains, and pristine beaches. Been there a couple of weeks ago and a week was barely enough to visit 3 of its main cities: Seville, Cordoba, and Granada. Although it was not my first time in Andalusia, this visit made me want to dream of a coming back with more time...


Seville stretches along the Guadalquivir, reflecting the inclement light of the sun on the hot Summer days. Only the shadow of the narrow streets and the refreshing sound of the fountains can give us some rest. But a wanderer will be a wanderer, even if there is over 40ºC outside, and with so many interesting places to visit - from the Alcazar to the Giralda, from Triana to Santa Cruz neighborhoods - one learns to live with the burning sun. Nevertheless, you may find that a fan can become your new BFF!


It was my first time in Cordoba and somehow I felt like I was returning home after a long, long absence. The whitewashed houses and narrow streets of the old Jewish quarter looked familiar, the air had a sweet taste I could recall and the sound of the water running under the Roman bridge seemed to bring some forgotten memories. Cordoba struck me in a very special way and I'm sure I'll do my best to come back someday to walk, once more, under the infinite arches of the Mosque, to visit its colorful Pátios some Spring and to wander the labyrinthic streets of the old town.


There is a special kind of beauty to this city surrounded by mountains. The Alhambra overlooking Granada from the top of the hill, the white houses along the river, the narrow streets reminding us of the busy Marroquin souks with its stores and tea rooms. Within walking distance, you find the sophistication of the more recent part of the city, the Moorish Albaicin quarter and the once gypsy district of Sacromonte with its cave houses carved in the mountains.

Have you recently visited Andalusia? What were your favorite places and what can you recommend for my next visit?


  1. I have always wondered which cities in Andalusia that one should visit. It's great that I came across your post because now I know these three cities are must-visit places in Andalusia but yeah probably a week is not enough. So much to see and experience, right? :-)

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      A week is not enough. We traveled for 10 days and I wish we had more time. Cadiz and Jerez are also gorgeous. Park Dona Ana is great if you enjoy nature.

  2. We've just been in Andalusia and made almost the same picture in Granada of the Garden with the pond at Alhambra. We made some mistakes on our trip though https://greyworldnomads.com/2017/07/27/what-we-would-do-better-on-a-future-visit-to-granada-spain/

  3. I am currently housesitting in Spain and have made it to Granada but Cordoba and Seville are on the list and I am hoping to get there in the next few weeks - thanks for keeping my inspiration front and centre.

  4. I've been wanting to visit Andalucia ever since I watched this one episode of Rosemary & Thyme, but I never realized it was a region with subcities (I always thought it was a city separate from Cordoba and Seville). Thanks for the info - I feel better aquainted with the area. P.S. I'm in love with the pictures.

  5. I've been to Spain recently, but haven't made it to these cities yet. They sound and look amazing. Will definitely make time to go there the next time. Thanks for posting :)

  6. This is really lovely post. We almost went there, but had to forgo that trip for the time being. This post has given more idea for when we finally go.

  7. Wow, the super majestic development, unique and luxurious. Want to get there, but there is no ability...
    I like it..


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