Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Chronicles from Buenos Aires | Palermo

One of the areas of Buenos Aires that most fascinated me was the Palermo neighborhood. This elegant district is the largest in the city and beyond the beautiful streets and wide avenues full of trees, has the largest green areas of Buenos Aires. The parks and gardens are beautiful, the buildings well-preserved , the shops, bars and restaurants appealing.

We started our tour in the Japanese Gardens that with two acres, is the largest park of this type existing outside of Japan. The garden is beautiful and has so much detail that it is difficult to stop taking pictures.

From the Japanese Garden we followed by the broad Avenida Pte. Figueroa Alcorta to the Palermo Woods. The avenue is wide, lined with parks and gardens, well served of pedestrian paths and cycle routes, where people stroll and do sport. Along this road one passes by the Planetarium and the Hippodrome that we only saw from the outside.

Inspired by the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, the Palermo Woods are wonderful to stroll, relax and even have a picnic. There are lakes and huge lawns, a beautiful rose garden and a lovely Andalusian Pavilion.

We returned by the Avenida del Libertador, passing by the Campo Argentino de Polo, the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens. Next to the Japanese Garden went back to Avenue Pte. Figueroa Alcorta and headed to the MALBA – Latin American Art Museum, which we visited after  enjoyed lunch on a relaxing terrace.


  1. I liked your photos and especially the Japanese garden part!

  2. Love all those photos and tiles what an incredibly photogenic place.


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