Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Xmas Chronicles | The Wanderer's Advent Calendar (Day 6)

Still 18 days until Christmas. And as the days get fewer and the to do lists get longer, it becomes easier to loose track of the real purpose for celebrating. Lets take advantage of the season to keep in touch with those we like. Sending a small message, a card or a photo. Show that you remember and that they are important to you, no mater how far.

Why not walk or drive around your city, look at the lights, all those Christmas decorations, the snow on the floor or the pristine sand by a blue ocean. Take a photo or a dozen. Send that picture that sums up Christmas spirit (as you see it)  to your friends and show your love.

Here are the links for Day 1Day 2 , Day 3,  Day 4,  Day 5,  Day 7Day 8 and Day 9.

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