Saturday, 24 February 2018

Chronicles from Andalusia | My 5 Must Go Places in Seville

Seville stretches along the Guadalquivir, reflecting the inclement light of the sun on the hot Summer days. Only the shadow of the narrow streets and the refreshing sound of the fountains can give us some rest. But a wanderer will be a wanderer, even if there is over 40ºC outside, and with so many interesting places to visit - from the Alcazar to the Giralda, from Triana to Santa Cruz neighborhoods - one learns to live with the burning sun. These are my 5 must go places, but the list could go on and on, and I promise to bring you a more detailed post on the city one of this days.


The old Jewish district of Seville is a must go place by itself, with its narrow streets, whitewashed walls and picturesque patios, but it also houses some of the city's landmarks that you cant ignore. That's the case of the Cathedral and, of course, La Giralda. The gothic cathedral of Seville stands in the place of a 12th-century mosque (the Giralda tower and the Patio de Los Naranjos are a legacy from the Moorish structure) and it took more than a century to be finished. A visit to the interior of the church is interesting, but nothing beats the view from the top of La Giralda.


The rooms, terraces, patios, and gardens of the Alcazar of Seville are nothing short than spectacular and you must schedule a long visit to this palaces. Take your time, walk around, take notice of the layers of the different construction phases (Almohad, Mudejar, Gothic and Renaissance), and if you get tired, sit in the gardens and relax. You can be sure that there will be hundreds of people doing the same, and still, the experience can be so interesting, with amazing details everywhere, that you can not miss it. If you are a GOT fan, you'll find there some familiar spots of Dorne, as some of the locations of Season 5 were filmed at the Alcazar.


Built for the Ibero-American Exhibition of 1929, the Plaza de España presents an amphitheatrical shape and its tiled panels with scenes of every region in Spain are a major part of its attractiveness. Visiting the square and the close by Maria Luísa gardens are a must go in any visit to Seville. In the hot summer days, you'll prefer to visit it early in the morning or late in the afternoon.


This architectural structure, inaugurated in 2011, presents an impressive wooden canopy, standing on giant columns, that casts its shade over Plaza de la Encarnacion. Popularly known as the Mushrooms (Las Setas) it includes a museum and a market with several stores, restaurants, and bars. Of course, the main attraction is the observation platform on the roof that grants its visitors a 360º view of the city.


Across the Guadalquivir, you get to Triana neighborhood, that once was the gypsy quarter of Seville. This colorful part of the city, with its striking buildings, flowers, and tiles, is famous for its ceramics and many of Seville's famous tiles came from Triana.

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