Wednesday, 18 January 2017

17 Instagram Travel Accounts (Under 17K) to Follow in 2017

Instagram is perhaps my favorite social media and I'm always looking for new accounts featuring beautiful pictures and inspiring images. Some are huge accounts, but everything starts small and today I'll be sharing with you 17 accounts, all under 17K, that conquered my eyes (and my heart!) and that (I think) you will love to follow. They surely deserve it!


Jamie is an American expat, living in Italy and writing her blog A Bite of Culture. Her Instagram account - @abiteofculture - is loaded with beautiful photos of Italy, many vintage Fiat 600 and the ocasional foodie image (the girl knows how to make fresh pasta!)

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Caley is a happy and, in her own words, cute girl! Her joy reflects on her colorful and dynamic photos from around the world. You can find her dancing in many pics and her energy is really contagious. In her account @caleycb you can surely find inspiration for traveling the world.

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Doro describes herself as a part-time adventurer, hooked on exploring new places. You can find her stories on the blog Doro Henrietta and her beautiful photos in her Instagram account @dorohenrietta. There you will find inspiring pics from her visits to Asian and European countries.

A photo posted by Doro 🌏 (@dorohenrietta) on


Jyo introduces herself as a Travel & Food blogger on a Mojo hunt for food, travel & adventures, and you can be sure to find all that on her bright photos @findmymojyo. On her blog Find My Mojyo you can find stories and travel tips on numerous destinations, but also delicious vegetarian recipes.

A photo posted by Jyo (@findmymojyo) on


Kajal and Komal are two twin sisters, traveling and photographing across the seven continents. Although they describe themselves as amateurs photographers the quality of their photos is outstanding and her feed absolutely addictive. You can find it @followkk.

A photo posted by @followkk on


Jin is a travel and lifestyle photographer, a foodie enthusiast, and a world traveler from Texas that presents us a creative and curated Instagram feed @jinchuferrer. In her blog Contradiction of Sorts you can find her portfolio and tips on many locations. I must warn you, the photos are absolutely breathtaking!


Julia and Werner travel the world with a camera on their hands, and their sensibility brings us beautiful photos of places, nature and people. You can check their work @juliasanphotography but also on their site World Viber where they share their travel stories, tips and photos.


Charlotte was born in London and currently lives in Paris. She loves to travel and shares her passion and lots of inspiration, both on her blog Lulu Escapes and at her delightful Instagram account @luluescapes.


Mônica is a blogger from Brazil, on the road since 2014. With Eduardo, edits the blog Eduardo & Mônica Runaways where you can find not only their great photos but also sound travel tips (in Portuguese). Her Instagram feed @monicamoras is amazing and worth following.


Saša and Borut are a young Slovenian couple that loves to travel and to photograph the places they visit. And what photographs! In black and white, the astonishing photos @ourjourneyblog are full of drama and intensity. You can find their travel stories, tips and color photos at their blog Our Journey.


Raphael is a French traveller, photographer and video maker (you must see his videos!). You can find photos and vidos on his blog Raphael Melloul and follow his adventures through his amazing photos on Instagram @raphaelmelloul.


Sara is a Canadian girl living in Rome. Photographer and ocasional writer you will fall in love with the warm colors of her photos and the wit of her delightful writing. You can find it all (including recipes!) at her blog Verbalized and follow her excellent Instagram feed @sara_.

A photo posted by Sara White (@sara_) on


Sierra is from NYC and is passionate about seeing the world (and good songs too!). And I must tell you, is a pleasure to see the world trough her eyes. There is color, light and beauty in every frame! So please, visit her Instagram feed at @sierradehmler and be inspired to go out and see the world.

A photo posted by Sierra (@sierradehmler) on


Erica and Sam run a blog (The Manini Experience) and a travel company for those who want to go on kick ass trips, combining adventure, philanthropy and photography. If that's what you're looking for, better pay them a visit. Keep track of their adventures and awesome photos at @themaniniexperience.


Jess is the girl behind the blog The Wondering Dreamer, where she share her experiences and tips for various locations. She changed her live and is happy living in the moment and taking each day as it comes. Her peace of mind is present on every photo she shares on her Instagram @the_wondering_dreamer.


Kristen, writes the Travels & Treats blog, providing her readers with information and inspiration for great food & travel experiences. Her Instagram account @travelsandtreatsblog will bring you not only beautiful images of the places she visit but also delicious pictures of the treats she eats.


Lynne wanders the world in search of adventure and the next great cup of coffee. In the meanwhile she writes her blog Well-Caffeinated Traveller, bringing her readers her stories and best tips for different locations. You can also follow her on Instagram @wellcaffeinatedtraveller for great pics.

I hope that you love this Instagram accounts so much as I did and, perhaps, have discovered some new feeds from this list that you were not following before. If you are not following my account and want to keep track of my adventures in 2017 you can find me @thewandererschronicles.

Share your own Instagram favourites with me and all our readers in the comments below!


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  2. Great post! Love seeing all these up and coming Instagram travel accounts :)

  3. Thank you so much for choosing me as one of your featured Instagrammers. Your article turned out amazing and I'm truly honored to be among such amazing travel bloggers and photographers!

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  6. Instagram is perhaps my favorite social media and I'm always looking for new accounts featuring beautiful pictures and inspiring images.

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