Tuesday, 31 January 2017

One Down, Eleven to Go!

January started with a cold weather and came to an end under the rain, and although I quite enjoy those sunny but chilling winter days, walking around the city, rainy days invite me to stay home, close to the fire place with a hot cocoa on my hands.

The January blog posts make me revisit some beloved places of Paris and Rome, and Lisbon was brought to you in a city guide with simple tips and useful information. Unfortunately my plans to visit Oporto could not come to reality but I hope to return to that amazing city before Spring.

Soon we all be running trough the smallest month of the year and in no time I'll be here rapping up February! Hope to have some new topics to share with you during the second month of 2017 and to continue to bring to you some of the Instagram accounts that impressed me more recently (have you read the post on the 17 travel Instagram accounts, under 17K, to follow in 2017?).

These nine photos are the Top 9 for January on our Instagram account. You can follow us there for daily photos and tips.

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