Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Wine Chronicles | Wine Tourism in Portugal

Although a very small country, Portugal has a diversity of climates and landscapes, and such a rich culture that you will be amazed. The hundreds of years of history, and the regular contact with other people and civilizations made Portuguese what they are, proud of traditions and receptive to change.

That can be found in gastronomy where, side by side with a rich culinary tradition, we find famous creative Chefs that, inspired by their roots and all the innovative trends of the international cuisine, contribute for a vibrant gastronomical panorama.

On the wine scene, Portuguese winemakers have also been able to capitalize on what their wines have of unique - Portuguese varieties and their different flavors - investing wisely in the growth of quality, knowhow and presence in the competitive wine market. Their open-mindedness and initiative has led to an exponential growth of the sector and the last years with numerous estates producing high quality distinctive wines.

Spread all over the country, in 14 wine regions, the terroirs couldn't be more diverse, and many of these estates have also an enormous potential for tourism. These places share their rich heritage with the visitors, providing not only accommodation but also activities associated with wine, gastronomy and the live in a rural environment.

One of my projects for the current year is to bring to you some of the best wine tourism places in Portugal, highlighting not only what you can find in terms of accommodations and activities in a specify estate, but also what the region has to offer geographically and culturally.


  1. I love wine and wine tourism. I was actually in Portugal last year and visited a couple of Port Houses and tried some local wines . . . delicious. I look forward to seeing some more recommendations from you!

    1. Thank you Matt for your comment. Portugal has great wines at very affordable prices and also great venues on the wine tourism segment. Hope you come back to find some of my recommendations.


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