Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Wanderer's Chronicles | 2017 Travel Blogging Plans

Its hard to believe that a year has passed since we came back to Portugal. Although many of the things that I've planed for my life here had not go trough, the Chronicles have evolved in a way that I would not expected when I start writing it 8 months ago. The people I've meet and collaborate with are one of the most rewarding aspects of this activity. Creating content and sharing it with you, hopping that is useful and entertaining to someone out there is certainly challenging and gratifying at the same time.

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But what are my travel plans for this year, you may ask. Well, I don't really have solid plans and budget and time constraints will not let me go wild on traveling fantasies, but I would like to (re)visit a couple of European cities on some large weekends breaks - thinking about Madrid and Amsterdam - and maybe go somewhere for a longer period during summertime - Croatia is an hypothesis.

For the remaining time, I intend to explore Portugal. Although a small country, Portugal is so rich culturally and has so many natural attractions that one can find enough to do for a year. So, there are lots of places that I long to visit (or revisit) for a while. Many of them can be done on a day trip or on a weekend, and I'll be telling you everything about it here.

You all know how great is Portuguese wine and how wine tourism is attracting people worldwide, and also here in Portugal. In 2017, I want to explore this area, as for me, the combination of knowing a new place, meeting new people, food and wine is the ultimate experience in travel. For all of you foodie travelers, I'll try to bring you some great tips on places to visit (and wines to taste) in Portugal.

Many people look for information online when preparing to visit some city or country, and City Guides can be useful and inspiring. I'm looking forward, this year, to provide you some nice, simple guides, with my personal tips, on cities like Lisbon, Rome, Paris or Buenos Aires.

2017 is also the year the Chronicles Newsletter is going to arrive at your mailboxes. I'm thinking on a monthly format and hope you will give me your feedback on it when you receive it. To continue with the collaboration and guest posts with other blogs and platforms is on my goal list and hope to have many opportunities to work with my fellow travel bloggers.

Goals like attending a Bloggers Meeting, having a blog makeover, and improving my English and writing skills are on my radar, but I have nothing scheduled yet, so I'll keep you posted on that and if you have any suggestions I'll be glad to hear about it.

Let's all kick off 2017 with lots of energy and joy, stepping a little out of our comfort zone everyday. Dream, plan and make it happen, and in 12 months lets look up what we have achieved!

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