Saturday, 24 March 2018

Chronicles from Florence | San Lorenzo Market

Whenever and wherever I travel to,  love to visit markets and shops, not just the fancy places or the posh griff stores, but the most popular places. Love the colorful and noisy markets, walking among the local people on their daily activities, buy what is most characteristic, talk with the vendors.

In Florence, I went several times to San Lorenzo Market, which was very close to the hotel. Product diversity was huge. Fresh fruits and vegetables. Good fish, meat and groceries. Helpful and friendly vendors. It was the man who sold the zuppa Toscana mix that gave me the soup recipe and I found  him because the owner of the pasta store walk with  me across the market  to show me the best place to buy what I wanted.

The market goes outside the building with people selling all kind of leather goods, t-shirts and souvenirs. Much of it is directed to tourists and most of the articles are of questionable quality and not interesting at all. But still, if you look around you can find some interesting pieces.

As most of what you do while traveling, is not just the destiny but also what you find on your way there that is interesting. So keep your camera at hand and your eyes open as the vicinities of San Lorenzo Market have many points of interest. The Basilica di San Lorenzo, the Cappella dei Principe, and the Sagrestia Vecchio - a masterpiece of the fifteenth century, that was the first part of San Lorenzo to be completed by Brunelleschi, commissioned by the Medici to be their own mausoleum - are some of the places to visit in San Lorenzo neighborhood.

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