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Wine Chronicles | Setúbal's Península Wine Region

Close to Lisbon and ideal for a day trip from the Portuguese capital, the wine region of Setúbal's Península (Portugal) presents great wines from well-established producers, with a variety of wine tourism activities to offer to its visitors. Famous for its sweet Moscatel wine, Setúbal's Península region is also notable for its table wine with both white and red wines acknowledged internationally.

On the heart of the beautiful village of Palmela, you will discover the Wine Route House. Set in a former winery, converted to an Eno-Tourism information office and reservation centre for the guided visits to the wine cellars and wine activities developed in the region, the Wine Route House is also a wine shop and bar, where you can purchase and taste the best certificted wine at incredible prices.

You can also experience some tasting menus and enjoy the spectacular view from the outer lounge terrace. Frequently there are wine tourism activities (many of them free), like commented wine tastings, held by the wineries enologists, and musical events paired with some amazing wine.

The Wine Route House is the perfect place to know more about the wine region, to book some visits or one of the activities they organize all year around. Everyone there is remarcably knowledge about the wines and attractions of this gorgeous part of Portugal and will be more than happy to assist you with sound suggestions on the subject. I had the privilege to visit some of the wineries and participate on a number of activities and could not recomment it enough. Bellow you can find some of my suggestions and the links to the posts where you can get more information. Enjoy!


The Quinta da Bacalhôa estate and its iconic palace are situated in Azeitão (Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region), less than an hour South from Lisbon. This wine tourism site can be visited and if you are a history and art lover, combining all of this with a wine tasting can make the perfect day trip from the Portuguese capital. (Read More)


Filipe Palhoça Vinhos is a family-owned company dedicated to viticulture and wine production for more than 50 years. The estate, Quinta da Invejosa, is located in the sand plain of Palmela, and it has 90 hectares of carefully cultivated vineyard, where red grape varieties dominate. (Read More)


Fernão Pó is a family winery, resulting from the joining of two families related to winemaking for generations. Since its founding in the '50s, the winery has grown to keep its roots in the local winemaking tradition. Today, Fernão Pó Winery seeks to combine the best of tradition with modern technology, while strongly committed to social and environmental principles. (Read More)


This market, taht usualy takes place in March, presents regional products and wine, wine tastings and lots of activities and shows that can give you some feel of the rural activities of the region.


During the months of April and May (every Thursdays and Saturdays, until May 27) you can make a visit to 3 major wineries in the region of Fernando Pó, hear and talk to their winemakers, and taste some wine and regional products. The visit starts at Oriente railway station in Lisbon, and after less than 30 minutes you arrive at Fernando Pó. (Read More)


Sunset parties became a hit these last few years. Add to that some great wine and food, music, good company while cruising along the beautiful shores of Arrábida, in Portugal, and you will have some very well spend hours. (Read More)


The harvest is one of the most special times of the year for the wineries and, this year, I had the opportunity to participate, and just love it! Well, it wasn't the real deal, all day under the sun, picking grapes and taking the heavy buckets to the wagon. It was a (very) light version of it, in the right amount to make it totally enjoyable and fun. (Read More)


We all agree that a good wine can be the perfect match for the good music. With that in mind, the Setúbal's Peninsula Wine Region organizes, for several years now, an Autumn event where the wines of several wineries in the region can be tasted while enjoying a live concert. (Read More)

Casa Mãe da Rota de Vinhos
Largo de s. João Batista
2950-248 Palmela
Phne +351 212 334 398

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