Sunday, 30 October 2016

Lisbon Chronicles | Indien Summer

This last few days we've lived in an idilic Indian Summer. Beautiful, warm days, nice for walking around in the city or relaxing in the beach. Maybe not experienced all over the globe, at least Southern Europe and North America have, in the middle of Autumn, this period of warm, dry weather, with sunny and clear skies and  above normal temperatures, occurring late October to the first weeks of November. It can last just a few days or, sometimes a all week, but is surely a blessing before the long, cold winter.


  1. Here in North America, we really look forward to Indian Summer- typically the last truly warm days feel like summer before the temperatures plummet. Beautiful photos! It looks like the beach is the perfect destination to enjoy those warmer, temporary temperatures.

    1. I believe is the same phenomena. The pictures were taken last Sunday and it was a fabulous day. Last week the weather was great but the forecasts for the next days include rain and lower temperatures. It seems that our Indian summer is over :(
      Thank you for your comment!

  2. Is it true that surfing is pretty hyped activity in Portugal? I've heard that spots there are not very cool


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