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I see contributions, such as guest or collaborative posts, and press opportunities like a fantastic way to make my content better and grow my blog. It's a great way to meet new people and different projects, to reach new audiences and to present my work in new channels.

This page will present these contributions as seen in other blogs and sites. Please click the links to view the full articles.


Off the Beaten Path in Popular Places, in Got the Travel Blog Too

Where is Happiness? in My Travel Moment

Top Autumn Travel Destinations, According to Travel Bloggers, in Television of Nomads


Operating since 1996, Portugal.com shares its love for Portugal with its customers, providing a unique and focused online experience when looking to travel to Portugal and Spain. The company is constantly working to improve their tours and provide engaging content to make sure that the clients get the best travel experience of their lives. Presenting a curated offer of hotels, pousadas, manor houses, and villas, along with personalized tours and travel packages, Portugal.com provides experiences that their clients will cherish for a lifetime. Their site shares also the travel experiences and tips of a selected group of travel writers and clients that present Portugal as seen through their eyes and heart. 

Palácio Fronteira, at Portugal.com


The Grrid is a personal travel community, where each participant can have an on-demand access to trusted and like-minded travel information.  On The Grrid, trusted travel recommendations are valued, so they partnered with locals, from cities all over the world, that share their insider tips for places they've called home. I'm proud to be their Ambassador for Lisbon and you can check my tips for the city on my Lisbon Guide.

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