Thursday, 22 December 2016

Food Chronicles | A Ginjinha (Lisbon)

Ginjinha, or simply Ginja, is a liquor obtained from the maceration of tart cherry, with spirit, sugar and cinnamon. Tis is a very popular drink in Portugal, especially in Lisbon.

Made with the finest spirit and with local fruits, with  either no preservatives or artificial colorings, the liquor has a beautiful ruby color and a sweet and fruity taste. It can be served pure or with a macerated cherry in the bottom of the glass, what is called a “Ginginha com elas”, meaning with them (the cherries). In this last few years, it became common to serve the liquor in a small chocolate cup, so if you like chocolate this is the way to try it, but not in A Ginjinha. Here the drink is served old school!

Downtown Lisbon there are several traditional establishments specialized in Ginjinha. One of them is the centenary Ginjinha Espinheira in Largo de São Domingos (next to Rossio). With almost 200 years, this small shop looks like it is frozen in time. Nothing fancy, just the bottles and a small counter in front of which the costumers line up waiting for a glass of the sweet drink.

This is a must go in the city and drinking one glass of Ginjinha is a great way to keep worm in the cold nights. But don't be fooled by the sweet cherry aroma, the drink is very strong and you can easily get (a little) drunk.

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