Sunday, 18 December 2016

Xmas Chronicles | Gift Ideas for Travelers

We are a week away from Christmas and for those of you that have been procrastinating gift shopping or that have run out of ideas for that friend that also loves traveling, here is some help.

Actually this is my list to Santa (hope you are reading my post dear Santa!) but I'm sharing it with you just in case it can be of any help. There are more budget friendly suggestions and some that are a little more expensive, but I'm sure that in this 10 suggestions you will find something that will make your friend or loved one really happy.

Passport Cover

When someone travels a lot, the passport can use a cover for protection. This is a great gift for a friendly price that will add color to your friends travels. You can buy it here.

Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel Coloring Book

When people travel, frequently have to watt on airports, endure long air or train travels and that can be boring or even stressful. If your friend loves this new trend of coloring books, this could be an excellent choice. You can buy it here.

Scratch Off World Travel Tracker Map 

This can be a fun gift for those that like to keep things accounted for and maybe for those who love to brag a little about all the places they have been to ;). It surely will be a pleasure to scratch off as many countries as you can (and even better is to go there!). You can buy it here.

Travel Journal

We can Tweet it, share it on Instagram or Facebook, but there are thoughts and feelings that are to write down and to keep, and nothing better than a Travel Journal to do it. Is something that I'm thinking about for long and this one looks great. You can buy it here.

Travel Cable Organizer

We travel with lots of gadgets and all the cables, if not organized, can be a nuisance. With this, your friend will guarantee to take everything he needs and to bring back all the equipment, all in an orderly fashion. You can buy it here.

Packing Cubes

Organized luggage permits to take more in the same space and this cubes can be a great help for your friend. You can buy it here

El Camino Bracelets

If your friend loves bracelets (I do Santa!) and travel, will love these beauties. Fit for girls and boys is the best of gifts, because, next year you can continue offering one or more steps. You can buy it here.

Instax Mini Camera

First of all they are cute and any girl will love it (don't really think guys will want it, at least they won't say so). Second, the photos are really nice and are immediately in your hands (well the paper is a little expensive) and that makes them perfect for special moments. The more difficult is to choose one of the lovely colors. You can buy it here.


I love books and love to offer books. And someone that loves to read and travels a lot, packing a lot of books may not be practical or even feasible. Therefore this can be a very appreciated gift by your bookworm wanderlust friend. You can buy it here.

GoPro HERO5 Black

If you're looking for a gift idea for some one special, this is it! It has a price but is in every traveler's Xmas list. Those who already have one will be glad to receive one of the many accessories available. You can buy it here.


  1. Great list! I would love getting any of those things as a present :) I've been thinking about getting a kindle, but I just love to have an actual book even though it must be a lot easier to not carry around real books. The new GoPro is on my list as well (did you hear me Santa?:D).

    1. I feel exactly the same about books! Nothing beats the feel of paper. Nevertheless, a Kindle is more ecological, practical and light to carry. Hope Santa's selfs are doing a lot of GoPros for us ;) Happy Xmas!

  2. Great post! As a former constant traveler my friends and family always had a hard time buying presents for me. Wish I'd had this post a few years ago. I would have forwarded it to my family & friends!

  3. I love the scratch-off map, it's so motivating! :)

  4. Great list, I am going to look into a couple of these.

  5. Love ALL of these ideas but the one I really crave is the passport holder. I know they're EVERYWHERE but somehow I couldn't find the one with just the right mix of cute and quirk to suit my personality. The one you featured is adorable though :)

  6. The Go Pro is on my list for Santa ;)
    Definitely something to have to bring back some cool memories from our trip!

  7. Some truly brilliant ideas. Have a Kindle and the Instax and since no one in the family is too much into adventure have so far skipped the GoPro. Loved the bracelet, which is a cute idea and the travel journal is something I can always use.

  8. I'm dying to get the Hero for myself! I love that it's waterproof and doesn't need separate underwater housing. Great gift recommendations, thanks for putting this list together.

  9. Great ideas! I had many of these on my list. El Camino bracelets are a unique custom item any traveler would love!

  10. All these gifts are great, especially the cable organizer.

    Jen from

  11. That cable organizer would be invaluable. It sure beats the ziplock baggy I've been using!

  12. This sounds like an awesome list. I would really like to have the colouring books that I can fill in. Even the travel journal sounds awesome. I have a small notebook with my blog's name emblazoned on it.

  13. A massive yes to the travel map and packing cubes! I'm dying to get both. The Fujifilm Instax is another great idea, I love mine :)


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