Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Xmas Chronicles | The Wanderer's Advent Calendar (Day 14)

The idea of an Advent calendar is to make everyday a special day. Some times it only takes a little imagination to bring some magic into our days, specially when there are kids around.

Why not have a Picnic? The kids are home from school and this can be a great activity, from the preparation of the food to the meal itself. Those of you living in the northern hemisphere may say that the weather is not good enough for eating outside. Ok! Its raining, snowing or terribly cold? Don't worry. trow a blanket on the living room floor, bring a basket with food a make a picnic right there. I'll guarantee you that your kids will simply love it. You don't have kids? Make a romantic surprise to your loved one. A bottle of wine, some nice food, some candles, pillows... he / she will love it!

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