Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Wanderer's Chronicles | 2016 Year Review

2016 began with a huge change. After 5 years living abroad, we returned to Portugal!

2016 was, therefore, another year of adaptation to a new place. Is so truth that a place you return to, after some time, is not the same place anymore. And neither are you the same person that, a few years before, has left for some foreign adventure.

And here I was, getting reacquainted with my city and with my country. The first months were spent reorganizing things around home and revisiting so many places in the city that I missed.


Love to walk around this beautiful city, always so full of light. Do you know that, in average, Lisbon has almost 300 days a year without rain?

January - Parque das Nações, Lisbon

February - Alfama, Lisbon

March - Bairro Alto, Lisbon


April was time to return to Brazil for a while and to visit friends and family there. Although it was Autumn, the temperatures were high and it never rained during the month we where there (and that is something really rare!). I always miss that exuberant nature and the beautiful misty mornings.

April - São Paulo, Brazil


Back to Europe we welcomed a new member in the family. Let me introduce you to Atila, the cat, a lovely and sweet boy that warms our hearts every day.


Summer is here, the weather is great and is time to move around. A day visit to Monsaraz took us to this beautiful medieval village. Placed on a hill, overlooking the Alqueva's lake, Monsaraz is absolutely stunning and a place that everyone should visit if have the chance.

June - Monsaraz

June - Monsaraz


A week in Barcelona that I've visited years ago was so rewarding. I've been there before I was a mother and now returned with my son, and we had such a great time! He is a great companion always willing to go further and to look for the next great place.

July - Barcelona

July - Barcelona

July - Barcelona


After Barcelona we drive south to Alentejo (Portugal) for relaxation (and great food!). The temperatures are high but enjoying the company of family and old friends make those days special. Lazy afternoons on the countryside, dinners on our house's terrace (with lots of sangria!) will stay on our memories for a long time.

August - Alentejo

The Summer months are synonymous of days passed by the sea and 2016 was a year to revisit some of the beaches of my past days. Praia Morena is always one of my favorites, but going back to Portinho da Arrábida was a great idea. The small bay at the feet of the mountain is a true gem.

August - Praia Morena

August - Portinho da Arrábida


I love September! The temperature has dropped a little but is still Summer, the days are long and the feeling of holidays is still there. We went to the top of Cristo Rei, which I've last visited as a child. The view from the top of the monument is amazing and Lisbon looks like a beautiful island emerging from the water.

September - Cristo Rei, Almada

September - View of Lisbon from Cristo Rei, Almada

The weather was great throughout the month and afternoons in the beach were constant. By the end of September we've find São João da Caparica beach and we simply love it. 2017 will see us there more often.

September - S. João da Caparica (beach)


This year, Summer forget to go away and October was divine just until the end. Walking around Lisbon, visiting museums or enjoying the sun by the sea were great ways to spend the time.

October - Carmo Museum, Lisbon

October - View from Sta. Justa's Lift

October - Belém, Lisbon

October - Praia Morena (Indian Summer)


In November, the leafs started to fall but the days continued sunny and beautiful. That's the time when is so good to walk around the gardens or having a drink on a terrace facing the river.

November - Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon

November - Jardim da Estrela, Lisbon

November - LX Factory, Lisbon


And (so quickly) we came to the last month of the year, with all the Christmas activities piling over  and the days shrinking in front of our eyes. Having lunch or tea with friends, preparing or buying some gifts, the days go by with almost not noticing them. Today, three days before the end of the year, I'm here writing this review and it seem impossible that 2016 is almost gone. Like every year, it had good things and sad things. But now, that I look over my shoulder to the times passed, I think it will be remembered as a year of returning and a time of sunny days.

December - Jardim Príncipe Real, Lisbon

December - Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon

December - Terreiro do Paço, Lisbon


  1. I love Lisbon! Lucky enough to spend a few days there last March, and a day in the nearby countryside. Food, architecture, history, art, and food. Brilliant.

    I yearn to return.

    Enjoying your blog. You posted every day in December. Awesome!

  2. Monsaraz looks really cool! I would love to visit.

  3. What a great look back at the past year. I love that you were able to create new memories in Barcelona with your son

  4. Seems like 2016 has been a very nice year for you :)
    It's really cool to summarize the year like this.
    You definitely convinced me to visit Lisbon soon!

  5. Looks like you had a fantastic year! Love the images.


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